Rocker Switch, DPST, 16A, 125V

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Key Features

  • Fits Brand Hatco
  • For Use With Food Warmer/Food Display Cabinet
  • For Use With Mfr. Model Number C-9, CDW-3N, FDWD-1, FDWD-1X, FDWD-2, FDWD-2X, FSD-1, FSD-1X, FSD-2, FSD-2X, FSDT-1, FSDT-1X, FSDT-2, FSDT-2X, GR3SDH-27, GR3SDH-27D, GR3SDH-33, GR3SDH-33D, GR3SDH-39, GR3SDH-39D, GR3SDS-27, GR3SDS-27D, GR3SDS-33, GR3SDS-33D, GR3SDS-39, GR3SDS-39D, GRCMW-1, GRHW-1P, GRHW-1SGD, GRHW-2P, GRPWS-2418D, GRPWS-2418Q, GRPWS-2418T, GRPWS-2424D, GRPWS-2424Q, GRPWS-2424T, GRPWS-3618D, GRPWS-3618Q, GRPWS-3618T, GRPWS-3624D, GRPWS-3624Q, GRPWS-3624T, GRPWS-4818D, GRPWS-4818Q, GRPWS-4818T, GRPWS-4824D
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