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For those who are active composters or work in agriculture the pitchfork is a great tool. Most people don’t realize it, but there are actually 5 distinct type of pitchforks. The garden pitchfork had four strong tines that are perfect for breaking up hard soil. The spading pitchfork have 4 triangular tines that are good for working in sandy, loose soil. The potato pitchfork is just that; it’s made for digging up potatoes from the soil. The border pitchfork is smaller, making it great for getting in between growing plants without disturbing the actual plant. The compost pitchfork is meant to help turn the composting heap and break large chunks apart. And finally, the 2-handled broad pitchfork which can cover a lot of ground and is used on already tilled soil. Check out our selection of garden tool, shovels and rakes at everyday low prices.

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1 - 36 of 74 results