Positive Displacement Pumps

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About Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive Displacement Pumps are a type of pump that is designed to move fluids or gases by trapping a fixed amount of them and then forcing the trapped volume into the discharge pipe. They are used in many different applications, from automotive and industrial to residential and commercial.

Types of Positive Displacement Pumps

There are several types of positive displacement pumps available, including rotary positive displacement pumps, positive pressure pumps, and positive displacement water pumps. Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. For example, rotary positive displacement pumps provide a constant flow rate while positive pressure pumps can handle higher pressures.

How Positive Displacement Pumps are Made

Positive Displacement Pumps typically consist of a cylinder with an inlet valve at one end and an outlet valve at the other end. Inside the cylinder is a rotating impeller that creates suction as it spins, drawing fluid or gas into the chamber through the inlet valve. As it continues to rotate, it compresses the fluid or gas until it reaches a certain pressure level where it is then forced out through the outlet valve.

Industries that use Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive Displacement Pumps have become increasingly popular in many industries such as oil & gas production, chemical processing, food & beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals production, wastewater treatment plants and more. Professionals working in these fields rely on these pumps for their reliable operation and efficiency when transferring fluids or gases from one place to another.

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