How to Select a Bin Storage System

For every part, piece, or tool you need to store, there is a bin storage system that works perfectly to organize it and make it readily accessible.

How to select a bin storage system depends on your application. Small parts and components are used or sold by warehouses, garages, shops, crafters, factories, “pick and pack” merchandisers and many other enterprises. A great way to organize, access and “pick” those small parts is by placing them in small plastic bins. But then how do you organize all those small bins? Here is how to select a bin storage system that will work best for your needs.

Understanding the different types of bin storage systems

The primary difference between bin storage systems concerns the way the bins are supported. Zoro supplies 4 primary types of bin storage systems:

  • Louvered Panel Systems
  • Wire and Steel Shelving Systems
  • Pick Rack Systems
  • Rail Systems

Benefits of each storage system

Louvered panel systems are characterized by an upright steel panel which features louvered “punch outs” into which the hooks of the hanging storage bins are inserted. The bin can stay on the panel, or be removed as needed. These louvered panel systems are available as wall mounted units, bench top models or floor standing models that can be single-sided, double-sided, or mobile. These systems are well suited to bins that are of uniform size and, when filled, are light to medium weight.

Wire shelving bin storage systems and steel shelving bin storage systems can support bins that contain more weight. Because the bin rests on a shelf, you can vary your bin sizes. Zoro supplies steel shelving for bins as well as chrome plated wire shelving for bins, some with a mobile option. In addition to standard bins, tilt bins are well suited to these systems.

Pick rack systems have sloped shelves that keep shelf bins, indicator bins, bin drawers and system bins at an angle. Parts stay toward the front of the bin for easy picking. Pick rack systems are available as single-sided, double-sided, mobile or bench rack units.

Bin rail systems have crisscrossed rails and uprights that form a hanging system for bins. The rail system can accommodate a specific bin size for the entire system if the rails are spaced appropriately during assembly. Some of these systems have casters and pull handles for mobility.

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