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Torsion Springs

You've seen them in common, everyday items like clothespins, mousetraps, clipboards, and tailgates, but do you know what torsion springs really are? Unlike a compression spring that's designed to keep mechanisms apart, torsion springs are designed to hold two mechanisms together through a force, or torque, exerted in a radial direction. In practical terms, they exert a force equal to the force being applied, but in the opposite direction. So, this is what provides the clothespin with its ability to clamp down on other items or the clipboard to shut tightly to hold papers or other material. Zoro has a wide variety of torsion springs in different sizes and materials for most applications. We also have spring assortments in multiple piece counts, gas spring brackets and fittings to help you keep gas springs firmly in place, or the more common extension springs you might find used on the backyard trampoline.

1 - 36 of 143 results
1 - 36 of 143 results