Use a variety of washers to secure your screws, nuts, bolts & other hardware.

About Washers

Washers are small pieces of hardware that are used to secure a bolt, nut, or screw in place. Washers can be used to evenly distribute the force of a threaded fastener and prevent it from loosening due to vibration. Washers also help protect surfaces from damage caused by friction when the fastener is tightened.

Types of Washers

Washers come in many different sizes and shapes depending on their purpose. Heavy duty bolt washers are often made from steel for extra strength and durability, while smaller washer and screws may be made from plastic or rubber. Screws nuts bolts washers can be purchased individually or as part of a set for specific applications.

How Washers are Made

The construction of Washers depends on their intended use. Common materials include steel, aluminum, brass, nylon, and other plastics. The shape of each washer is usually designed to fit its purpose: flat washer for distributing load; lock washer for preventing loosening; conical or cup-shaped washer for holding round parts together; and split-ring washer for making removable assemblies.

Industries that use Washers

Washers have many uses across various industries such as automotive repair, plumbing work, construction projects, electrical wiring jobs, and more. Professionals in these fields rely on high quality washer screw sets to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

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