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Panel Nut

  • Item: Panel Nut
  • Fits Brand: Wilkerson
  • Compatible with Series: B08, BA3, BB3, R08, R09, RA3, RB3
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Wilkerson #RPA-96-733 Specifications

  • Item: Panel Nut
  • Fits Brand: Wilkerson
  • Compatible with Series: B08, BA3, BB3, R08, R09, RA3, RB3
  • Accessory Type: Panel Mount Nut
  • Compatible with Manufacturer Part Number: B08-01-CK00, B08-01-CKG0, B08-01-DK00, B08-01-FK00, B08-01-FKG0, B08-01-FRG0, B08-01-PK00, B08-01-PKG0, B08-01-RK00, B08-01-RKG0, B08-01-RRG0, B08-01-WK00, B08-02-CK00, B08-02-CKG0, B08-02-DK00, B08-02-FK00, B08-02-FKG0, B08-02-FRG0, B08-02-PK00, B08-02-PKG0, B08-02-RK00, B08-02-RKG0, B08-02-RRG0, B08-02-WK00, BA3-01-CK00, BA3-01-CL00, BA3-01-CR00, BA3-01-CS00, BA3-01-DK00, BA3-01-DL00, BA3-01-DR00, BA3-01-DS00, BA3-01-FK00, BA3-01-FL00, BA3-01-FR00, BA3-01-FS00, BA3-02-CK00, BA3-02-CL00, BA3-02-CR00, BA3-02-CS00, BA3-02-DK00, BA3-02-DL00, BA3-02-DR00, BA3-02-DS00, BA3-02-FK00, BA3-02-FL00, BA3-02-FR00, BA3-02-FS00, BB3-01-CK00, BB3-01-CL00, BB3-01-CR00, BB3-01-CS00, BB3-01-DK00, BB3-01-DL00, BB3-01-DR00, BB3-01-DS00, BB3-01-FK00, BB3-01-FL00, BB3-01-FR00, BB3-01-FS00, BB3-02-CK00, BB3-02-CL00, BB3-02-CR00, BB3-02-CS00, BB3-02-DK00, BB3-02-DL00, BB3-02-DR00, BB3-02-DS00, BB3-02-FK00, BB3-02-FL00, BB3-02-FR00, BB3-02-FS00, R08-01-C000, R08-01-C0G0, R08-01-D000, R08-01-D0G0, R08-01-F000, R08-01-F0G0, R08-01-P000, R08-01-P0G0, R08-01-R000, R08-01-R0G0, R08-01-W000, R08-01-W0G0, R08-02-C000, R08-02-C0G0, R08-02-D000, R08-02-D0G0, R08-02-F000, R08-02-F0G0, R08-02-P000, R08-02-P0G0, R08-02-R000, R08-02-R0G0, R08-02-W000, R08-02-W0G0, R09-01-CB00, R09-01-DB00, R09-01-FB00, R09-01-PB00, R09-01-RB00, R09-01-WB00, R09-02-CB00, R09-02-DB00, R09-02-FB00, R09-02-PB00, R09-02-RB00, R09-02-WB00, RA3-01-C000, RA3-01-D000, RA3-01-F000, RA3-01-P000, RA3-01-R000, RA3-01-W000, RA3-02-C000, RA3-02-D000, RA3-02-F000, RA3-02-P000, RA3-02-R000, RA3-02-W000, RB3-01-C000, RB3-01-D000, RB3-01-F000, RB3-01-P000, RB3-01-R000, RB3-01-W000, RB3-02-C000, RB3-02-D000, RB3-02-F000, RB3-02-P000, RB3-02-R000, RB3-02-W000
  • Compatible with Brand: Wilkerson
  • Compatible with Grainger Part Number: 44D076, 44D078, 6B214, 6B215, 6B315, 6B316
  • Country of Origin (subject to change): United States


Zoro's selection of pneumatic tool parts includes air tool sets, repair parts, pneumatic tool repair kits, impact wrench parts, full air tool sets, and other accessories. Here are some important details for the Panel Nut : FITS BRAND: Wilkerson

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