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Sight Gauge Kit (Ps914P)

  • Item: Sight Gauge Kit
  • Fits Brand: Wilkerson
  • Series: GRP
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Wilkerson #GRP-96-346 Specifications

  • Item: Sight Gauge Kit
  • Fits Brand: Wilkerson
  • Series: GRP
  • Compatible with Brand: Wilkerson
  • Compatible with Series: B12, F12, L12, M12, T12
  • Accessory Type: Sight Gauge Kit
  • Compatible with Grainger Part Number: 4PY99, 4RA10, 4RA11, 4RA12, 4RA19, 4RA20, 4RA21, 4RA22, 4RA23, 4RA25
  • Compatible with Manufacturer Part Number: B12-02-FKS0, B12-02-FLG0, B12-02-FRS0, B12-02-FSG0, B12-02-RKS0, B12-02-RLG0, B12-02-RRS0, B12-02-RSG0, B12-03-FKS0, B12-03-FLG0, B12-03-FRS0, B12-03-FSG0, B12-03-RKS0, B12-03-RLG0, B12-03-RRS0, B12-03-RSG0, F12-02-SK00, F12-02-SL00, F12-02-SR00, F12-02-SS00, F12-03-SK00, F12-03-SL00, F12-03-SR00, F12-03-SS00, L12-02-AC00, L12-02-AL00, L12-03-AC00, L12-03-AL00, M12-02-CK00, M12-02-CL00, M12-02-CR00, M12-02-CS00, M12-03-CK00, M12-03-CL00, M12-03-CR00, M12-03-CS00, T12-02-FKS0, T12-02-FLS0, T12-02-FRS0, T12-02-FSS0, T12-03-FKS0, T12-03-FLS0, T12-03-FRS0, T12-03-FSS0
  • Country of Origin (subject to change): United States


Sight Gauge Kit (Ps914P), Fits Brand Wilkerson

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