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Bladder Accumulators

A bladder tank is used to store large amounts of liquid, such as water, rainwater, and other fluids. These accumulators are used for many types of applications, including storing waste water, rainwater harvesting, fire fighting reservoirs, and more. We have the bladder accessories you need to keep your accumulators and tanks delivering great results. An hydraulic accumulator uses a bladder as a separation element between a compressed gas cushion and the accumulator’s hydraulic fluid, and are used for emergency and safety applications. Conversely, piston accumulators use a free-moving piston to separate the gas and fluid, instead of a bladder, while diaphragm accumulators use a flexible diaphragm as a separator. Lastly, an oil accumulator is a reservoir of pressurized oil that’s released to lube a car or truck engine when there is a drop in the vehicle’s oil pressure. Zoro also carries hydraulic accumulator mounts and accumulator repair kits.

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