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Calibration Solutions

Most precision measuring devices have to be calibrated routinely to order to maintain pinpoint measurement accuracy. From a simple weight scale to highly intricate industrial testing systems, there are a number of calibration solutions available. Believe it or not, even torque wrenches need to be calibrated routinely to maintain accuracy. Every time a torque wrench is clicked, that’s one cycle. A torque wrench calibration should occur after 5000 to 7000 cycles or every 12 months. Calibration weights vary in size and function, from grams to several pounds. And pH meters are used to test soil, water, food items, and other substances. Typically, using a pH calibration buffer solution can be used to keep the pH value constant, for more accurate readings. Zoro has a super selection of water quality testing, water testing meters, and water testing meter accessories too.

1 - 36 of 190 Results
1 - 36 of 190 Results