Hose Reel Mounting Bracket, Wall, Swing

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Key Features
  • Item: Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting: Wall
  • For Use With: Series P, SH, PC, SHW
  • Mounting Hole Center to Center Width: 4 in
  • Mount Hole Diameter: 1/2 in
  • Color: Black
  • Mount Base Height: 6 in
  • Number of Mount Holes: 4
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Mounting Hole Center to Center Width 4 in
Mount Hole Diameter 1/2 in
Mount Base Height 6 in
Overall Dimensions 6 3/16 in D x 5 1/4 in W x 6 in H
Overall Height 6 in
Mount Base Width 5 1/4 in
Overall Width 5 1/4 in
Overall Depth 6 3/16 in
Mounting Hole Center to Center Height 4 in


Item Mounting Bracket
Mounting Wall
For Use With Series P, SH, PC, SHW
Color Black
Number of Mount Holes 4
For Use With Mfr. Model Number EN-N-125, EN-N-150, EN-N-325, EN-N-335, EN-N-350, EN-N-450, ENL-N-350, ENL-N-450, EZ-EN-450, EZ-P-BLL-350, EZ-P-LP-125, EZ-P-LP-135, EZ-P-LP-150, EZ-P-LP-325, EZ-P-LP-325-HV, EZ-P-LP-330, EZ-P-LP-335, EZ-P-LP-350, EZ-P-LP-350-HV, EZ-P-LP-430, EZ-P-LP-450, EZ-P-LP-450-HV, EZ-P-LPL-350, EZ-P-MP-425, EZ-P-NP-350, EZ-P-NPL-350, EZ-P-W-125, EZ-PC13-5012-A, EZ-PC13-5012-B, EZ-PC13-5012-F, EZ-PC13-5012-X, EZ-PC13-5016-A, EZ-PC13-5016-C, EZ-PC13-5016-D, EZ-PC13L-5012, EZ-PC13L-5016, EZ-PC24-0012-A, EZ-PC24-0012-B, EZ-PC24-0012-F, EZ-PC24-0012-X, EZ-PC24-0016-A, EZ-PC24L-0012, EZ-PC24L-0016, EZ-SH-3100, EZ-SH-3100-HV, EZ-SH-350, EZ-SH-350-HV, EZ-SH-375, EZ-SH-375-HV, EZ-SH-4100, EZ-SH-4100-HV, EZ-SH-450, EZ-SH-450-HV, EZ-SH-475, EZ-SH-475-HV, EZ-SH-525, EZ-SH-525-DF-BBX, EZ-SH-550, EZ-SH-550-DF-BBX, EZ-SHWTL-1100, HPL-N-350, MP-N-350, MP-N-450, MP-N-535, MPD-N-430, MPDL-N-150, MPL-N-350, P-LP-125, P-LP-125-AL, P-LP-135, P-LP-150, P-LP-150-AL, P-LP-325, P-LP-325-AL, P-LP-325-HV, P-LP-330, P-LP-335, P-LP-350, P-LP-350-AL, P-LP-350-HV, P-LP-425, P-LP-425-AL, P-LP-425-HV, P-LP-430, P-LP-450, P-LP-450-HV, P-LPL-325, P-LPL-330, P-LPL-335, P-LPL-350, P-LPL-425-AL, P-LPL-450, P-MP-335, P-MP-430, P-W-125, P-WC17-5010, P-WC17-5020, P-WT-125, PC13-3512-A, PC13-3512-B, PC13-3512-F, PC13-3516-A, PC13-3516-C, PC13-3516-D, PC13-3516-F, PC13-5012-A, PC13-5012-B, PC13-5012-F, PC13-5012-X, PC13-5016-A, PC13-5016-C, PC13-5016-D, PC13-5016-F, PC17-3510-X, PC17L-5010, PC19-7512-A, PC19-7512-B, PC19-7512-F, PC19-7516-A, PC19-7516-F, PC24-0012-A, PC24-0012-B, PC24-0012-F, PC24-0012-X, PC24-0016-A, PC24-0016-F, SH-N-160, SH-N-3100, SH-N-3100-HV, SH-N-350, SH-N-350-HV, SH-N-360, SH-N-375, SH-N-375-HV, SH-N-4100, SH-N-4100-HV, SH-N-435, SH-N-450, SH-N-450-HV, SH-N-475, SH-N-475-HV, SH-N-525-DF-BBX, SH-N-550, SH-N-550-DF-BBX, SHF-N-525, SHL-N-350, SHL-N-450, SHL-N-475, SHL-N-525, SHL-N-535, SHL-N-550, SHW-N-1100, SHW-N-150, SHW-N-175, SHWL-N-1100, SHWL-N-150, SHWT-N-150, SHWT-N-175, SHWTL-N-150
For Number of Reels 1
Bracket Material Steel
For Reel Series EN, HP, MP, MPD, P, P-NP, P-W, P-WC, PC, SH, SHW
Base Motion Type Swivel


Mounting Bracket, For Number of Reels 1, Base Motion Type Swivel, Bracket Material Steel

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