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Cylinder Position Sensors

Cylinder position sensors can instantaneously transmit feedback on the efficiency level of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. An internal or exterior LDT (linear displacement transducer) can sense how much pressure your pistons are presently getting. Another way to detect cylinder piston positioning with a magnetic reed switch, an electromagnetic switch that measures electrical flow in a circuit. The reed switch is wrapped around the exterior of a cylinder, so the switch can measure changes in piston pressure fast. A pneumatic actuator converts compressed air into mechanical energy, like a piston, while rotary actuators use rotary motion to achieve the specified level of torque. Another model, the pneumatic rotary table cylinder, uses a rotary rack and pinion air cylinder to achieve motion. The performance of three actuator models (pneumatic, rotary, and rotary table) can be measured by these cylinder position sensors. We also carry air cylinders, pneumatic lubricators, and cylinder mounting hardware.

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