Fluids & Lubricants

Make sure your machine parts stay lubricated, cool, and working properly.

About Fluids & Lubricants

Fluids & Lubricants are essential components in many industries, used to reduce friction and protect machinery from wear and tear. They can be found in automotive, industrial, and commercial applications.

Types of Fluids & Lubricants

Fluids & Lubricants come in a variety of types for different purposes. Motor oil is one of the most common lubricants used to reduce engine wear and keep engines running smoothly. Greases are thicker lubricants that stay on surfaces longer than oils, making them ideal for high-load areas such as bearings or gears. Synthetic lubricants are designed to provide better protection against extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

How Fluids & Lubricants are Made

Fluids & Lubricants are made from a combination of base oils, additives, thickeners, and other compounds. Base oils provide the primary lubrication while additives improve performance in specific conditions such as extreme temperatures or corrosive environments. Thickeners help ensure that the fluid remains on surfaces instead of dripping off.

Industries that use Fluids & Lubricants

Fluids & Lubricants can be found in many industries including automotive repair shops, manufacturing plants, construction sites, mining operations, power plants, machine shops and more. Professionals who work with these industries rely on fluids & lubricants to keep machines running efficiently and safely.

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