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About Ladders, Scaffolding & Platforms

Find every type of ladder, scaffolding, and work platform you need to get the job done in one convenient place at Whether you're a professional or a home hobbyist, you'll find the ladders and platforms you depend on from the best brands in the industry right here. Many roles and industries require some form of ladder, scaffolding, or platform to reach new heights and comfortably, safely complete physical work, including construction, painting, electrical work, manufacturing, and more.

If you're looking to raise your work to the next level, you've come to the right place. For convenient, one-stop shopping, Zoro stocks an extensive selection of all types of ladders, step ladders, rolling ladders, step stools, scaffolding, adjustable work platforms, configurable work platforms, fixed work platforms, rolling platforms, personnel lifts, scaffolding planks and stages, scaffolding accessories, mezzanines, and so much more.

Do I Need a Ladder, Scaffolding, or a Platform?

Though ladders, scaffolding, and platforms all accomplish the goal of raising workers and increasing mobility at a jobsite, there are important differences between these options. For example, a ladder is useful for quick, one-person jobs that don't involve a lot of movement. Scaffolding takes longer to set up, but is often better for longer jobs. Scaffolding is also significantly safer and more easily allows the worker to move freely between positions. A platform is useful in situations that require raising and lifting the workspace or rolling it to another area.

Find the Right Item for the Job

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