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Blast Cabinets

A sandblasting cabinet cleans and strips parts of rust and dirt, which is helpful to do before painting and powdering because they stick better on clean surfaces. A sand blast cabinet works on a loop system where the abrasive material can be recycled within the cabinet. There are four main parts to a blast cabinet: the containment cabinet, the abrasive blasting component, the recycling phase, and the dust collecting system. Many of our sand blasters have additional helpful features such as adjustable air inlet openings and bright lighting within the cabinet. Some blast cabinets use multiple nozzles. Our carbide nozzles are great for mineral abrasives, and the silicon nozzles are used for harder abrasives such as aluminum. Our nozzles can be found with our abrasive blaster accessories. You can view our blast media options for types of blasting grit. We also have blast cabinet parts such as replacement gaskets and hoses.

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