Laundry Supplies & Equipment

Appoint your laundry room or facility with supplies for the cleanest clean.

About Laundry Supplies & Equipment

Laundry Supplies & Equipment are essential for anyone looking to do their own laundry, whether it’s at home or in a laundromat. These supplies and equipment can range from the basic necessities like detergent and fabric softener, to more complex machines like washers and dryers.

Types of Laundry Supplies & Equipment

There are many different types of laundry supplies and equipment available, depending on the type of laundry you need to do. For example, if you need to do large loads of laundry at once, you may want to invest in a large-capacity washer or dryer. On the other hand, if you only need to wash a few items at a time, smaller machines like portable washing machines may be better suited for your needs. There are also other accessories such as hampers and drying racks that can help make doing laundry easier.

How Laundry Supplies & Equipment are Made

Laundry supplies and equipment are made using a variety of materials including plastic, metal, rubber, wood, glass, and fabric. They typically consist of motors or engines that power the machines as well as various components such as pumps and valves that control water flow and pressure. Additionally they contain electronic components such as timers that allow users to set how long their laundry is washed or dried.

Industries that use Laundry Supplies & Equipment

Laundry supplies and equipment are used by professionals in many industries including hotels/motels/lodging establishments; hospitals/nursing homes; restaurants; schools/universities; military bases; laundromats; dry cleaners; garment factories; textile mills; prisons/correctional facilities; cruise ships/yachts; resorts/spas/retreats; campgrounds/RV parks.

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