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DC Permanent Magnet Motors

Typically used in small kitchen appliances, electric toys, power tools, and electric pumps, DC permanent magnet motors can provide long life and high output torque, even at low speeds. Larger models are used in textile machinery, treadmills, and sports and medical equipment. Unlike conventional DC motors, which use a wired armature against a magnetic field to produce torque, a permanent magnet motor uses the magnetic field alone to achieve torque, without the need for a wired armature. Another DC motor variation is a brushless motor, which has removed the wiring off the armature entirely, and moved it to the stationary part of the motor, surrounding the armature. Since the brushes don’t move, they don’t wear out, making this type of motor more efficient, but also more expensive to purchase. Zoro also carries DC washdown motors, DC starter motors, stepper motors, and DC speed controls.

1 - 36 of 102 Results
1 - 36 of 102 Results