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About Pipes, Valves & Fittings

Pipe valves and fittings, such as PVC, nipples, and flanges, are essential components of a piping system that control the flow of liquids, gases, and slurries. They are used to connect, redirect, and regulate the flow of materials through pipes and tubes, including hose and PEX, in various industries and applications. Couplings and CPVC fittings, along with a gasket, can also be used to secure and seal connections in a piping system.

Plumbing pipes are used to transport water, waste, and gas in residential and commercial buildings. There are several types of plumbing pipes, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Types of Pipe Valves and Fittings

There are many different types of pipe valves and fittings available, each with its own specific purpose and function. Some common types include:

  • Ball valves: A ball valve has a handle that rotates to open or close the valve, and a ball inside the valve that is used to control the flow of the substance. They are simple and reliable, making them a popular choice for many applications.
  • Gate valves: A gate valve is opened and closed by turning a wheel or handle that raises or lowers a gate inside the valve. They are used to start or stop the flow of liquids and gases, but are not well-suited for regulating flow.
  • Butterfly valves: A butterfly valve consists of a disc that rotates to open or close the valve. They are often used in large piping systems due to their high flow capacity and low pressure drop.
  • Check valves: A check valve allows fluid to flow in only one direction, preventing backflow. They are often used in systems where backflow could cause damage or be hazardous.

Types of Plumbing Pipe

Some common types of plumbing pipes include:

  • Copper pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • PEX pipes
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • Cast iron pipes

Copper pipes are durable and resistant to corrosion, but they can be expensive. PVC pipes are affordable and easy to install, but they are not suitable for hot water distribution. PEX pipes are flexible and resistant to freezing, but they cannot be used with certain types of fittings. Galvanized steel pipes are strong and long-lasting, but they can corrode over time. Cast iron pipes are heavy and durable, but they can be prone to rust and may require more maintenance. Choosing the right type of plumbing pipe will depend on the specific needs and budget of the project.


Pipe, valves and fittings are frequently made of a variety of materials, including metals such as steel, brass, and bronze, as well as plastic and other synthetic materials. The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the application, such as the temperature and pressure of the substance being transported, as well as the corrosion resistance needed.


Pipe, valves, and fittings are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, water treatment, and more. They are also used in various professions, such as plumbing, HVAC, and piping design. They are important components in the transportation and control of fluids, gases, and other materials in these industries and professions.

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